We strongly believe in self sustainability of women from rural areas. Most of the women we work with have limited education and are encumbered by challenges brought about by culture, including lack of education, Female Genital Mutilation, lack of rights to own property, lack of ability to decide on the number of children to have and Gender Based violence. The Women’s Empowerment program works with 1000 women from rural areas and we offer trainings and workshops on the following:
Health: HIV/AIDS, positive living for those infected, Family Planning, Nutrition, Gender Based Violence, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Menstrual Health, General Health and sexual Reproductive Health and Rights. Business School:   The micro finance and entrepreneurship trainings through the Street Business School Model is used to train women on how to start and manage small businesses, getting out of their comfort zones and networking. We work with them through our own micro credit (table banking) where they save and borrow their own money for businesses.
The table banking project currently has a total of 900 women from 40 different women groups. Their cumulative savings has grown to over USD 40,000 of their own money. Impact: 252 women graduated from Street Business School Women can pay for their children to go to schools until university level Levels of poverty is reducing significantly in households of these women Confident women vying for leadership position in the community More women accessing contraceptives and having time for productive work Over 800 women have businesses 30 women graduated from micro businesses to registered enterprises who get government tenders and contracts