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Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights

Most women and girls of reproductive age in rural marginalized areas have unmet need for family planning services, immunization, cancer screening, HIV testing and general treatment due to poor infrastructure, lack of health facilities and lack of knowledge on importance of sexual reproductive health and rights. Through this program, we take health education and integrated health services through outreaches, to hard-to-reach villages.

How do we determine location?

We work closely with the community health workers in different hard to reach villages. We also work closely with our Community Board that comprises of people from different villages who inform the organization on the different challenges facing communities. The Community Health Workers inform the organization on the different challenges and needs of the community.

Number of people served?

Integrated health outreaches – 64 outreaches per year – reached over 270,000 people.

Health Governance – 36 governance health based outreaches – Working with 9 villages

Door to Door Mobile Backpack Nurse – 6 villages – targeting PWD, SRH and Immunization of children.

Out of School SRH Youth Program: We work with out of school youths in 20 villages through sports and awareness campaigns on contraceptives, FGM and Behaviour Change

Kenya has made considerable progress in the attainment of Millenium Development Goals, or MDG’s by the introduction of Kenya Vision 2030. However, progress towards attaining the overall health goals show mixed results and the country is not on track to achieve the commitments relating to health-related MDG’s. Improved access and equity in the availability of essential health care is still behind especially in rural areas and as a result, the population in rural areas are not effectively able to participate in the development of the nation. According to the Kenya Demographic and Health Survey, Kenya’s maternal mortality rate in 2014 was 488 maternal deaths for every 100,000 live births. This means Kenya is ranked 28th worst on this count. Additionally,the mortality rate for children under the age of 5 is reported at 71 per 1000 births, making it ranked 35th worst. Improving access to reproductive health has remained a huge challenge in Baringo county and in the entire nation.

In 2017 donations from all-over the world transformed
the lives of more than 5,000 people

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