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Can educating boys and men on the effects of Female Genital Mutilation be the solution to eradicating this vice?

Our  research  has shown that  young  men  do not understand  the  effects of FGM or  the  implications  of this retrogressive  cultural  practice  to  poverty  and  Sexual  Reproductive Health  of  women. They  are  taught  how important  this  practice  is, how  women  need  to  behave,how women will treat them after undergoing the cut, how women  will  respect  them,how they will  earn respect amongst their peers if their wives,sisters or mother undergo  FGM.We believe that by building the capacities  of young men to speak up about FGM and actively participate to eradicate this practice,we will begin to see significant changes.Imagine having a community where boys and men are fighting for women’s rights?A community where boys are saying No to FGM?

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